About Simon


I’m Simon Carless – pleased to meet you. I’m an biz/community exec & event organizer & investor in the video game, infosec, and other tech spaces [LinkedIn] . I’m passionate about art, games, people, and bringing amazing creative endeavors to light via ‘curation’ – which can mean a whole bunch of things. I originally hail from South London, England, but am nowadays living/working in the Bay Area, CA with my wife, our son, and a very barky dog.

main gig?

I’m currently an Executive Vice-President out here in San Francisco at major B2B events company Informa. For my sins, I oversee & lead strategy for the folks running the Game Developers Conference shows worldwide, plus the major Black Hat set of information security events and other properties including Gamasutra & more.

I’m also Chairman Emeritus of the Independent Games Festival, which holds its awards at GDC yearly, & co-founder of the Independent Games Summit. I’m also an investor and advisor in Mike Rose’s indie game publisher No More Robots (Hypnospace Outlaw, Descenders, Not Tonight). Elwhere, I help organize and fundraise for the Prisoners Literature Project, a charity that sends books to needy U.S. prisoners.

I’ve spoken on video games, indie game opportunities and digital distribution at venues including Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the Digital Distribution Summit in Melbourne, and Ars Electronica in Austria.

what i did before?

From the mid-’90s to 2003, I spent most of my time as a full-time video game designer in the UK and Silicon Valley on titles like Looney Tunes Racing (PlayStation) & Terracide (PC). After transitioning out of game development in the early 2000s, I was an editor at techgeek site Slashdot, & worked with the Internet Archive on software & game archiving.

I’ve also been an editor, editor-in-chief and publisher at both Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra, have contributed to Wired magazine, and wrote/edited a book, Gaming Hacks, for O’Reilly. I also help with seminal video game database MobyGames, which I helped rescue a few years back

[There’s a lot more detail on most of these things & more on my ‘You Might Know Me From…’ page, where I go chronologically in depth through some of this madness. Oh, and image source for the above pic – thanks, IAm8Bit!]