Vaulting The Bar: ‘Designing Shadow Complex’

So, you may know that the Game Developers Conferences – which I oversee – have a related site called GDC Vault. We spend a lot of time and effort digitizing almost all of the conference content presented at a GDC show.

By doing this, we’re capturing some wonderful content for posterity. Plus, we’re allowing GDC speakers to get their talks seen by hundreds or even thousands of extra viewers who can’t be in the room during the event.

So, Game Developers Conference All-Access Pass holders, speakers, and studio/individual subscribers get access to the entire multimedia database. But we’re making more and more videos available in the free section of the site alongside slides and the classic videos that digital historian Jason Scott is digitizing for us.

And because I’m lucky enough to have a GDC Vault admin login (heehee!), this post series, ‘Vaulting The Bar’, is me choosing a favorite GDC lecture every couple of weeks, and making the video free to everyone for the first time. And my debut pick is ‘Designing Shadow Complex‘, from Chair Entertainment’s Donald and Jeremy Mustard, from Game Developers Conference 2010.

This lecture from the Chair co-founders is one of the shorter Vault talks out there, at 29 minutes. While it’s quite high-level, it has some really important lessons for developers – and significant interest to fans. The title itself was one of the biggest Xbox Live Arcade hits of 2009/2010, and one of the first $15 (1200 MSP) games to really resonate with gamers. Continue reading