MobyGames – adding promo images & concept art, with your help!

282-skullgirls-concept-artAs many of you know, I’ve – as a spare-time project – been involved in helping to run veteran game database website MobyGames for a couple of years now – there’s more about this on my ‘You Might Know Me From…’ page.

But the latest thing we’ve done, just announced by Tracy Poff on the MobyGames news page, is adding the ability to contribute watermark-free, hi-res promotional images of all kinds to the website – including official screenshots, wallpaper, concept art, & other images. Continue reading

Presenting a special ‘Nerd History’ Storybundle!

bundle_102_cover-d325c8dc708aabbb9e6ac2127bb80667[Here’s the ‘side project to my side project’ StoryBundle I decided to curate a couple of months back – bundling some really neat ‘history of tech’ books together! Blown away that we got Fire In The Valley – a seminal history & the basis for Pirates Of Silicon Valley – in there, & there’s LOTS of other goodness too – Gates, Google, Ada Lovelace, & some super-entertaining personal nerd stories. And my curator cut & optional charity payment goes to the Computer History Museum, of course.]

Continuing its popular “pay what you want” ebook bundles, StoryBundle is presenting a special new collection – the Nerd History Bundle. This specially picked set of 7 seminal computer/nerd history books once again features a multitude of great titles for a fraction of their retail price.

The basic purchase tier ($3 or above) for the Nerd History StoryBundle includes ‘A Microsoft Life’ by Stephen Toulouse, a wittily entertaining jaunt through a decade and a half at Microsoft, with lots of behind-the-scenes detail and charming anecdotes. Also included is ‘Priming the Pump’ by David & Theresa Welsh, a rare in-depth look into the history of the TRS-80 and how the authors got personally involved in the blossoming of the ‘PC revolution’. Continue reading

Mono/Monotonik – preserved at Netlabel Archive.

netlabelarchiveJust a quick postscript to the recent post about uploading my idm netlabel Mono/Monotonik’s old music tracks to YouTube & to Soundcloud for easier streaming access.

I mentioned in that post that Zach Bridier was preparing to upload a _complete_ Mono archive, with all the .MODs from the early releases also converted to .MP3. And indeed, he’s done just that via the launch of the Netlabel Archive. You can find the Monotonik entry here, and it includes a lot of obscurities, re-encodes of the No ‘Mo releases, and more. Continue reading

Game Developers Conference 2016 – turned out nice again?


Following on from my last post – yes, GDC 2016 ended up being – in my obviously biased opinion – an amazing celebration of the state of video games.

We had over 27,000 attendees this year in San Francisco (dodging some stormy weather that quit the day before the show), and people seemed super-energized by the week as a whole!

Rather than go on at length about this year’s GDC in the abstract, let me just refer you to the following: Continue reading

Game Developers Conference 2016 – Reasons To Be Cheerful

gdc30thSo, it’s 2016 already, and the 30th (how did that happen?!) edition of Game Developers Conference is almost upon us, rolling towards us pleasantly, imposingly, but inexorably.

GDC 2016, which I help to organize, takes place in San Francisco next week (March 14th-18th). It features dedicated Summits and Bootcamps on Monday and Tuesday, with the Expo running Wednesday to Friday alongside the Main Conference, as per usual.

You’ve probably already had plenty of people (maybe including us!) social media-ing or emailing you with a whole BUNCH of things to see and do at the show. I wanted to take some time to highlight some of the things I’m excited to see at this year’s GDC, as follows: Continue reading

Welcoming The Mega Game Storybundle

bundle_93_cover-d296f9f2d548de05576fceaae6d0cabc [The first Storybundle I curated for 2016 is a special one – definitely my favorite for a while, and featuring some killer books – from the awesome Second Quest graphic novel through Nick Suttner’s lyrical Shadow Of The Colossus book and even two books made _just_ for this bundle. Go grab it! See below for announce, also my ‘curator comments’ on each book.]

Continuing its popular “pay what you want” ebook bundles, StoryBundle is very proud to present the Mega Game StoryBundle – the latest in the series of its acclaimed ebook bundles. This specially picked set of 9 fascinating game culture & history books once again features a multitude of great titles for a fraction of their retail price.

Continue reading

Monotonik: the re-distribution (& musings on platforms)


[EDIT: Just so you’re aware, the Netlabel Archive crew ended up swooping in and putting ALL Mono/Monotonik releases onto YouTube and the Internet Archive – amazing work! So I didn’t have to do it all myself!]

So, firstly, the announcement – if you haven’t spotted it already on my social media feeds.

I’ve just kicked off a multi-year project (!) to resurface _all_ of the music ever released on Monotonik (aka Mono/Mono211), the free electronica net.label that I ran from 1996 to 2009, on modern distribution platforms.

What I mean by ‘modern distribution platforms’ is a brand new YouTube channel (streaming) and a SoundCloud page (streaming/downloadable), making it even easier to listen to all the music.

Uploads are going up regularly – about 30+ so far, all early MP3 releases. But will take a VERY long time – possibly a year or two – to complete due to the massive number of releases. Continue reading

My Top 5 ‘Underappreciated’ Games Of 2015

Following my top 5 games of the year list, and in the vast expense of holiday 2015 time with room to chill out and actually _think_, I had the opportunity to explore some video games released this year that – maybe – didn’t get the kudos that they deserved.

What does ‘underappreciated’ mean here, in context of the title of this post? For the purposes of this (highly subjective) list, let’s just say: ‘doesn’t appear on a majority of the other Top 10/20 lists, and you might have missed it or just not got around to playing it’.

So, without further ado, here’s the games that I think everyone should have cared a bit more about this year (alphabetical order): Continue reading

Best Of 2015: My Top 5 Games

smmOnce again, my colleagues at Gamasutra are rolling out their personal Top 5 video games of the year over the next few days. While I don’t write day to day, I still hang out in the site’s Slack channel, play games, and HAVE OPINIONS. So whether you like it or not, I’ll be imposing these ideas on you, re: my favorite games of 2015 – a remarkably fertile year for gaming.

As per usual, I freely admit that I don’t play a lot of longform games – titles that take >20 hours to play through. With my relatively short attention span – and plenty to do at work and elsewhere – I tend to favor shorter, sharper repeatable experiences. (Of course, I end up playing them for >20 hours, in many cases! There-in lies the irony…)

So, here we go (picks in alphabetical order): Continue reading