2007 Is A Whole New Gaming Year

Wow, 2 months plus late, this time – apologies. Most of the time, as you may have spotted, I’ve been updating the ffwd linklog and GameSetWatch – as well as working on Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine (which I’m now also publisher of), and prepping the Independent Games Festival and the first ever Independent Games Summit, plus some other neat new offshoots/projects. So… busy.

Some cool things that happened – Gamasutra was picked as one of the UK Guardian’s ‘Top 100 Most Useful Websites’, which I very much appreciate – and our reader numbers continue to go from strength to strength, even compared to our competitors. My co-workers have continued to kick ass in making wonderful editorial over all our products – so thank you, Frank, Brandon, Jill, other Brandon, Jason, and a multitude of other contributors.

Elsewhere, the magazine continues to run some sparkling editorial – the latest February 2007 issue (pictured) has an exclusive postmortem of standout PS3 title Resistance: Fall Of Man: “Insomniac is known more for its stylized character-based games than its first-person shooters, but Resistance: Fall of Man is in fact a return to the company’s roots—the first game the studio ever made was an FPS. Herein, project manager Marcus Smith shares with us the boons and difficulties of creating an original IP on a brand new console at launch, as well as why they want to set the next game in Tahiti.” There’s plenty of other recent goodness too – and a new sample issue, also.

Away from work, me and Holly went to the Pinnacles National Monument here in California, which is very beautiful in January. We’re also planning a trip to England this July for my sister’s wedding (7/7/07, yay!), and will be wandering off to Helsinki after that, since Holly is part Finnish and has never been – and I went once back in 1999 and really enjoyed Finland, so am delighted to return. I’m trying to balance work and home life sensibly, and I think it’s working.

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