Autumn Leaves, Or Hangs Around A Bit?

Aha, just returned from a nice day in San Francisco, checking out the DeYoung Museum, finally, and having a most pleasant dinner at Lime SF, so it’s probably a good time to kick back and finally update ffwd with what the heck I’m up to.

Firstly, as you can see, the image accompanying this post is for Game Developer magazine‘s ‘Top 20 Publishers’ issue, and we’ve revealed online that this fifth annual countdown saw “…a resurgent Nintendo taking the top spot from former four-time victor Electronic Arts.” A super-detailed version of the report is available at Game Developer Research, which is going great guns, and is officially expanding to one report per month in 2008.

Elsewhere, let’s see…. Gamasutra continues to go wonderfully, and is posting record numbers and (on the other side of the church-state split) some of the best editorial about games out there. Also, it continues to be wonderfully cathartic to have GameSetWatch as an outlet to talk about indie games, little-noted developer blogs, and anything else smart and overlooked in the game industry.

Finally, a couple of milestones related to the aforementioned indie game scene – we had a record 173 entries in the Main Competition for the 10th ever Independent Games Festival, which is just spectacular, and just published on Sony’s official PlayStation blog is ‘From IGF to PS3: Everyday Shooter’s Backstory’, some incredibly concrete proof that independent games are a vital and growing force. Very neat.

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