Yay for 2008!

Just stopping in long enough to wish you all a wonderful Xmas and a very Happy New Year from myself, Holly, Rollo the dachshund (pictured), and all of the Carless family. Off for celebrations here in beautiful (no, really!) San Jose pretty soon, but wanted to thank readers for hanging around.

A reminder, if you’re looking for places where I don’t update, uhh, about 3 times a year nowadays:

Gamasutra is the chief site I run as part of work, of course – ‘the art and science of games’ – but since I’m Group Publisher nowadays, there’s less writing on it from me, and more, uhh, planning, or something. No, really, I do something important and business-y, you just can’t tell. Nuh.

GameSetWatch is my chief area of semi-recreational output, while still promoting work stuff, and it’s pretty much updated three times a day, 365 days a year, with alt.game news from around the web, various lovable columnists, CMP Game Group-related shenanigans, and other fun stuff. I like doing it.

– Other CMP sites I have at least a finger in include the Independent Games Festival, Worlds in Motion, the newly launched Indie Games: The Weblog, Game Career Guide, Games On Deck, Game Developer magazine, Game Developer Research, and more.

ffwd links is the linklog part of this blog, and still gets updated a few times a month with interesting and random non-game-related material from around the World Wide Web.

My Flickr page gets updated fairly regularly just to show that I’ve actually left the house – which many people disbelieve. Most recently it was for the Walking With Dinosaurs stage show here in San Jose, and down to San Luis Obispo to hang out with surfboarding plastic BBQ pigs.

There are various other ways I interact with the Web, of course, including my Xbox 360 game profile, the latest Monotonik releases, and various brands of IM, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles I won’t bother linking here – but if you know me, you know how to get hold of me. Fun! Happy 2008, all.

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