Still alive!

Heck, the ffwd linkblog is still motoring along, but it seems the main bit of my blog is basically updated every 6 months, nowadays. Which is fine by me, since it’s a good chance to periodically update on what I’ve been up to.

So, here’s some of the fun stuff I’ve been doing since, uhh, April:

– We kicked off a new Independent Games Festival cycle, and have record entries again this year to the increasingly important indie game showcase. Also, IGF Mobile is back, and much enlivened by the iPhone boom and a $10,000 ‘best iPhone game prize’ in association with the iFund-funded lovelies at ngmoco.

– My primary charges, game art/business entities and Game Developer magazine, continue to do pretty darn well, both from a journalistic and biz perspective – here’s a nice UK Guardian write-up of Gamasutra that just got published – and I believe they will continue to for many years to come.

– We’re also continuing to expand our blog/job network past GameSetWatch, our alt.editor blog – latest editions include Ryan Langley’s GamerBytes, for console digital download games (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare, XNA), and Matt Burris’ FingerGaming, an iPhone/iPod Touch game info site.

– Am helping out Game Developers Conference show director Meggan Scavio on next March’s show – I’m now officially a member of the GDC Advisory Board. I’m also helping program the Indie Games Summit and Worlds In Motion Summit @ GDC 2009, and working with the editorial team to pinpoint some neat wildcard picks for the conf.

– After a relatively work trip-free 2007, I did manage to make it out and about to Austin GDC and to Tokyo Game Show this year – those are links to Flickr pic sets. Both shows were pretty darn interesting in their own ways – the pic above is Biohazard (Resident Evil) 5’s rabid Japanese reception at a business day for TGS. I’m also off to South Korea next month for an industry awards show, which should be interesting.

Other than that, after a very productive few months helping to run Dr. Dobbs magazine and website, and launch custom Web 2.0-ish sites such as Dr. Dobbs’ Challenge (so popular that we’re doing it again early in 2009) and Dr. Dobbs’ Code Talk, I’m relinquishing the reins of those products as part of an internal re-org. Sad to not be working on them, but I expect to see their rise to geeky greatness continue, though.

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