A whole new world…

alawhole So, I figured it was time to get into the new millenium and set up a new domain for my personal website, which was wedged awkwardly onto the Mono211.com domain. (I’m about to do a big rehaul on the Monotonik website, my free-to-download electronica netlabel, thus the change.)

My old Mono211.com-hosted ffwd blog was also running a prehistoric, comment-removed version of MovableType. Thus, I’m now up and running at SimonCarless.com with the latest WordPress install, which is all kinds of wonderful and easy to use. Anyone who’s still using the RSS feed for old personal blog ffwd, please update to the new RSS.

I’ve also joined the modern age by getting a Twitter feed, which I shall hopefully be updating reasonably often. Also, I have a new Delicious feed that takes the place of the old linkblog. That’s for non game-related links, of course – all the game stuff still flows into our ever-esoteric GameSetWatch weblog, naturally.

Other than that, it really is a whole new world! Back to work – what with regular Gamasutra work, judging IGF games and preparing Game Choice Awards nominations for the advisory committee, it’s going to be a busy January…

3 thoughts on “A whole new world…”

  1. I’m going to miss that stupid orange thing! So many wonderful things it’s pointed me to over the years.

    Be sure to go into the users setting and change the displayed name for ‘admin’ to simon or simon carless or whatever you’d like.

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