The ides of January…

trex 2009 has started out just as crazy as 2008 for me, in largely good ways, despite the economy starting to take a decided turn for the worse.

For starters, indie games seem to be getting all kinds of great mainstream coverage, from New York magazine to MSNBC and beyond, and the Independent Games Festival is really blasting it this year, too. We just announced finalists in various categories, and the awards and Indie Games Summit are taking place at GDC in San Francisco this March.

Despite the downturn, the various bits of the business I run – Gamasutra, Game Developer magazine, and associated Gamasutra Network sites – are still outpacing our competitors and holding their own.

We’re also doing some interesting things with Game Developer Research – for example, our new iPhone game report, surveying developers on that fast-growing market, is getting plenty of attention.

Oh, and we visited the California Academy of Sciences, hence the pictured T-rex – great place. Plus, me and Holly are off to visit my parents (and my new niece) in the United Kingdom in a couple of weeks, with a sidetrip to Barcelona to enjoy the Spanish sun in February. Hurray.

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  1. Hey fella, you mainly hitting London? What dates? I need to get myself up there in Feb,.. would be good for a hook up. Unless you fancy sampling the delights of Bath? 🙂

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