European fun, Gamasutra relaunch

londoon Trying to update this weblog every few weeks with ‘exciting news’, or at least, some of the major, not totally irrelevant stuff happening in my life.

Well, as trailed in the previous blog post, we did indeed visit England and Barcelona as well, and it was pretty darn neat – extremely cold (and snowy!) in England, and a bit chilly in Spain, but that’s what you want if you’ve lived in California for almost 10 years.

The other big thing that’s happened since the last post, of course, is that we’ve relaunched Gamasutra with a major graphical and functionality upgrade – go check out the new site now. As we noted in the relaunch post, the major additions include discipline-specific section, an enhanced contractors area, and most importantly, blogs for all Gamasutra members.

This has already led to some really amazing posts, both in the invite-only Expert and regular Member blog sections, such as Mark DeLoura’s game engine survey, which is pretty much unprecedentedly good, as well as a whole host of other neatness. We’re going to continue to refine and improve things as we move towards Game Developers Conference 2009, in just 2 weeks – so expect another blog after I’ve recovered from that.

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