Na nah na na, Sacramento Damacy

katdam As we wander into May, we’re having fun and ramping things up for summer. Oh, and first, let’s mention the awesome Katamari Damacy thrift store painting mash-up we picked up on Etsy recently (see pic!) – thanks to loudxmouse’s painting Katamari-zation services for that!

What else is happening? Me and Holly wandered off to Sacramento the other week to do the tourist/relaxing thing. There’s some pics up on Flickr, of course, but we didn’t see Mr. Schwarzenegger – I think he retires to the OC at weekends. Oh, and it was blissfully rainy.

Otherwise, work is going great – our dynamite team on Gamasutra, including Leigh Alexander, Kris Graft, Chris Remo and Christian Nutt, are doing an amazing job of providing incisive news and article writing/procurement. I’m also really delighted that Eric Caoili, formerly a Gamasutra editor, is co-editing our alt.weblog GameSetWatch nowadays, really helping bulk it up with interesting and alternate game links. Back soon.

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