Obon And Summer

oboni1 Well, it’s a busy (and also air conditioning-compatible!) summer down here in San Jose, and I haven’t been going full-bore on our various projects _all_ the time.

So I’ve been trying to break up work with a modicum of leisure – hence the attached picture from San Jose’s Obon Festival, a fun yearly local event in our little Japantown – which even has a ukelele store, nice. For further relaxation, me and Holly are off to Yosemite next weekend – should be fun.

Other than that, some random notes – since more and more people are using Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the news, we just added a Gamasutra Twitter feed (and a Gamasutra Jobs one) and fixed up the Gamasutra Facebook page with proper updates, hurrah.

After Yosemite, there’s a couple of weeks and then I get into a pretty unprecedented travel period, which includes GDC Europe and GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, then Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle (where I’m on a panel about indie games, I do believe), then GDC Austin, then… Japan, Australia, China?

We’ll see if I actually make it to all of those, or whether I short out from jetlag like a grinning loon. More soon…

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