Carousing In Cologne

Still a little jetlagged from our trip to Cologne, Germany to GDC Europe, which was held ahead of the big GamesCom consumer event, and was a real blast for me and my colleagues (who organized GDCE!) in its first year.

Here’s our full Gamasutra coverage of the event — mainly done by me — and you’ll see some really neat lectures from Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux, Quantic Dream’s David Cage, and CCP’s Hilmar Petursson, whose announcement of the Dust 514 console MMO was one of the neatest surprises of the week.

Naturally, there’s a Flickr gallery of my Cologne visit which includes bits and pieces from GDC Europe, GamesCom, plus the rather delicious Chocolate Museum. Browse it at your own calorie-related risk.

Otherwise, we’re keeping on – Game Developer mag EIC Brandon Sheffield compiled an awesome ‘dirty coding tricks’ piece that we reprinted on Gamasutra this week to gigantic page views, so wanted to point that out. And just saw District 9 – man, what a great movie – and it’s time to wander off for dinner. After that, a full work week and then the GDC 2010 Advisory Board meeting in Napa – hoping to blog about that to give an idea of the behind-the-scenes effort. Hurrah!

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