Moving Along… Somewhere!

nynyWow, well firstly, thanks for all the comments on my announcement of my net.label Monotonik going on hiatus. I know there were a lot of people out there who cared about it and the musicians on it, but it was great to see feedback from artists and fans alike.

Anyhow, one of the (many) reasons Monotonik is shuttered for now would be my day job, since I’ve just been promoted and will now, well, quoting extensively: “take leadership of Think Services’ Game Group, a division of London-headquartered United Business Media, as Global Brand Director.”

Furthermore: “In his new role, Carless will be responsible for the strategy and vision for the group’s portfolio of products, which currently include the industry-leading Game Developers Conferences (GDC, GDC Europe, GDC Austin, GDC China, and GDC Canada), as well as renowned game website, the Gamasutra Network of websites, and Game Developer magazine.”

So, I’ve been involved in some of this already, obviously. But I’m now also officially overseeing the awesome GDC shows, as well as our magazine and websites. As I mention, I’m jazzed to be both keeping up our current lines and expanding the Game Group to help game creators in new ways. Or that’s the plan – watch this space!

Otherwise, I’m just back from a random trip to New York, fortunately not very work-related, and I’m recovering from a cold and digging in for the hectic pre-GDC 2010 season, while keeping up with all the regular fun and games. Happy holidays to all!

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