Two Thousand And Twelve Is Here

The first post of 2012, and wow, it really has been a while since the last update – mainly because I’ve been titanically busy, as per usual. Overall, 2011 was a major transition year for me  (and a bittersweet one). But I feel like I’m where I should be for 2012 in a multitude of ways.

Some notes on what’s up:

– Obviously, I’ve been spending a lot of cycles with my colleagues on making sure Game Developers Conference 2012 is going well – and boy, it is. We have a new GDC Play area for up and coming developers, I’m super happy with how the Independent Games Summit turned out, we have that Indie Game: The Movie screening, and we have an amazing session line-up to boot. Very happy.

– Still working on a bunch of other work projects, of course, with Indie Royale still differentiating itself well from a lot of the other ‘me-too’ bundles (there’s two IGF nominees and two world-exclusive PC debuts in the upcoming Valentine’s Bundle, for example), and Gamasutra still dominating the online B2B game site conversation in a multitide of ways. _And_ there’s a Game Developer magazine site redesign and iOS app up, too.

– Had great fun over the holidays on a big road trip from New Orleans to San Diego (woo – the Marfa Prada pictured!) And outside of work, have been playing a lot more board games – which are awesome fun _and_ rather social to boot. And if you want to catch up with what I’m up to, my Twitter feed is definitely the best way to find out on a daily basis.

– And just recently, I’ve started helping out on another of my company UBM’s projects, and a kinda neat one to date. I’m helping to oversee the Black Hat events, which are the computer security industry’s top technical get-togethers. (In some ways, they’re quite similar to GDC in the way they harness the power of the community in content-heavy, impassioned ways.)

Anyhow, back to watching UFC and drinking some rather fine Tsingtao beer procured from Grocery Outlet. (Yes, that’s how I roll, this year. In a quixotic fashion…)

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