Jean Jackson’s amazing Mystery Science Theater painting mashups…


[Pictured – Jean Jackson’s ‘The Hoot Players’, after Maxfield Parrish‘s ‘The Lute Players‘, one of the two three pictures I now own from this amazing ‘outsider art’ collection – the others are ‘Crow Wood’ and ‘Servo Throwing Dome At Crow’.]

After talented artist and fan Jean Jackson sadly passed away in January 2013, her family auctioned off for charity her wonderful set of original paintings that added characters from cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 to famous pictures through history.

Since the original MST3K pictures have now mainly been split up among multiple (grateful!) buyers, including me, and there are no hi-res versions of the originals anywhere online besides the Wayback Machine, I thought I’d host [on Flickr] the photographs of the paintings used in auction for posterity.

Some of my favorites include ‘Sunday In The Park With Frank’, recasting Seurat’s pointillist masterpiece with bonus evil sidekick, and ‘Degalala’, where-in Degas’ ballerina portrait ‘The Star’ gets a bit, uhh, Tom Servo-ed. And this mash-up of N.C. Wyeth’s ‘The Giant’ and the MST3K-riffed ‘Amazing Colossal Man’ movie, ‘The Amazing Colossal Crow’, is especially haunting.

There are a few missing paintings that were not offered in the auction and can be seen pictured in low-res on Jean’s Flickr page –  – these include ‘Cezanntillite of Love‘, ‘Two Loose‘, ‘Paleobotic‘, ‘Starry Nanites‘, her best-known work ‘Nightmads‘ (spoofing Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks‘), ‘Crowcasso‘ and ‘Botko‘.

Various images of the paintings (including a few more pics not available anywhere else!) are also available on the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, which archived multiple versions of Jean’s pages from the mid-2000s, when she sold art prints of them.

[NOTE: I don’t claim ownership or any control over these photos. I just wanted to make sure they were saved and accessible – and I think they are some of the most remarkable ‘pop art’ creations I’ve seen. The witty restyling of some of the titans of vintage and modern American and European art with bonus ‘bots makes me grin every time.]

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  1. Pauline Willmott

    I have a watercolor painting signed Jean Jackson in right hand corner, I’ve had it for years, how do I check if it is a painting by the late Jean Jackson

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