Video Game Storybundle 4.0 – onto the next age.

bundle_34_cover-6ab5b04b1113a5ec306694fa94431a0fIt’s that time, again – after the third Video Game StoryBundle that I curated debuted back in April, I’ve been working diligently with a bunch of authors, magazine editors, and even musicians (!) to curate the fourth one, which launched this morning. Lots more info below – with books from Anna Anthropy, Zoya Street, Colin Campbell, Jeremy Parish, and music albums ft. Manami Matsumae (Mega Man) & Austin Wintory (Journey) – but I’m super proud of this bundle’s diversity and readability, so please go buy it and support the authors if you have a chance.

“Continuing its popular “pay what you want” ebook bundles, StoryBundle is proud to present the Video Game Bundle 4.0. The specially curated set of thirteen full-length game culture & history books/magazines & follows up three previous bestselling digital game bundles.

It once again features over $50 worth of books & magazines—plus two full-length all-star music albums—for a fraction of that price, with the gaming non-profit SpecialEffect our lead charity for this bundle.

The basic purchase tier ($3 or above) for Video Game Bundle 4.0, curated by game industry veteran Simon Carless, includes Boss Fight Books’ sharp full-length analysis of seminal SNES RPG Chrono Trigger, by Michael P. Williams, plus Delay: Paying Attention To Energy Mechanics by Zoya Street – a wonderful starting point for literature about social games design.

Also featured in the bundle are In Play: Tales Of The Gaming Netherworld by Neils Clark, in which the game addiction specialist presents a series of vignettes that add up to a remarkably thought-provoking whole – plus Gamers At Work by Morgan Ramsay, featuring some of the most interesting and methodical interviews ever with video games’ originators – from Nolan Bushnell to Warren Spector and beyond.

Finally for the basic tier, Piranha Frenzy by Colin Campbell is the first work of fiction from the noted video game journalist – puckishly set in the world of game journalism and publishing, and just as cheeky and thought-provoking as you might imagine, given that.

The higher-tier rewards—available at the higher payment tier of $12 or your local equivalent—include The Anatomy Of Super Mario Vol. 1 by Jeremy Parish. You probably know Jeremy as one of the most respected retro-focused video game journalists in the world today. So it makes total sense that we’d get one of his Anatomy Of books for his first StoryBundle inclusion – and start out with one of the best video games of all time, Super Mario.

In addition, you’ll get ZZT by Anna Anthropy, a wonderfully researched paean to ZZT, Tim Sweeney’s PC game turned game construction kit, plus Year One: Reloaded & Change (6 full magazine issues!) by Five Out Of Ten – six complete issues of one of the best game mags out there, with a cornucopia of voices, variety, and viewpoints!

Finally, two all-time classic chiptune/video game music albums round out the bonuses, with Brave Wave‘s WORLD 1:2 and WORLD 1:2: Encore seeing the musicians for Journey (Austin Wintory), Ninja Gaiden (Keiji Yamagishi), FTL (Ben Prunty), Silent Hill (Akira Yamaoka), and even Mega Man (Manami Matsumae) jammin’ it with some of the best OST remixers of all time – including full .MP3 and even lossless .FLAC downloads! – Simon Carless

The initial titles in the bundle (minimum $3 to purchase) are:

  • Chrono Trigger (Boss Fight Books series) by Michael P. Williams
  • Delay: Paying Attention To Energy Mechanics by Zoya Street
  • In Play: Tales Of The Gaming Netherworld by Neils Clark
  • Gamers At Work by Morgan Ramsay
  • Piranha Frenzy by Colin Campbell

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $12, you get all five of the regular tomes, plus six magazine issues, two full eBooks, and two full-length game music albums in .MP3 and .FLAC format:

  • The Anatomy Of Super Mario Vol. 1 by Jeremy Parish
  • ZZT (Boss Fight Books series) by Anna Anthropy
  • Year One: Reloaded & Change (6 full magazine issues!) by Five Out Of Ten
  • WORLD 1-2 (music album ft. Austin Wintory, Akira Yamaoka!) by Brave Wave
  • WORLD 1-2 Encore (music album ft. Manami Matsumae, Ben Prunty!) by Brave Wave

The bundle is available for a very limited time only, via It allows easy reading on computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as Kindle and other ereaders via file transfer, email, and other methods. You get multiple DRM-free formats (.epub, .mobi and some .pdf) for all books, but after the three weeks are over, the bundle is gone forever!

It’s also super easy to give the gift of reading with StoryBundle, thanks to our gift cards – which allow you to send someone a code that they can redeem for any future StoryBundle bundle – and timed delivery, which allows you to control exactly when your recipient will get the gift of StoryBundle.

Why StoryBundle? Here are just a few benefits StoryBundle provides.

  • Get quality reads: We’ve chosen works from excellent authors to bundle together in one convenient package.
  • Pay what you want (minimum $3): You decide how much five fantastic books are worth to you. If you can only spare a little, that’s fine! You’ll still get access to four thrilling titles.
  • Support authors who support DRM-free books: StoryBundle is a platform for authors to get exposure for their works, both for the titles featured in the bundle and for the rest of their catalog. Supporting authors who let you read their books on any device you want—restriction free—will show everyone there’s nothing wrong with ditching DRM.
  • Give to worthy causes: Bundle buyers have a chance to donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. We’re currently featuring Special Effect, Mighty Writers and Girls Write Now.
  • Receive extra books: If you beat our bonus price, you’re not just getting five books, you’re getting seven books, six magazine issues and two full-length albums!

StoryBundle was created to give a platform for independent authors to showcase their work, and a source of quality titles for thirsty readers. StoryBundle works with authors to create bundles of ebooks that can be purchased by readers at their desired price. Before starting StoryBundle, Founder Jason Chen covered technology and software as an editor for and

For more information, visit our website at, Tweet us at @storybundle, Like us on Facebook, and Plus us on Google Plus. For press inquiries, please email”

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