Game Developers Conference 2016 – turned out nice again?


Following on from my last post – yes, GDC 2016 ended up being – in my obviously biased opinion – an amazing celebration of the state of video games.

We had over 27,000 attendees this year in San Francisco (dodging some stormy weather that quit the day before the show), and people seemed super-energized by the week as a whole!

Rather than go on at length about this year’s GDC in the abstract, let me just refer you to the following:

  • The GDC YouTube channel has posted highlights from the IGF/Choice Awards already, and 2016’s lectures should start going up gradually next week. (All the free talk videos – and there’s LOTS – will be available en masse at GDC Vault at that time!)
  • Gamasutra has a bunch of written coverage about the event, and Polygon’s full GDC coverage is also worth checking out, as are a number of outlets. Too much good stuff to cover here.
  • Finally, here’s GDC’s Flickr account, with all kinds of amazing in-progress photos of the show. I’ve extracted a few of my favorites below, because the Internet is for PICTURES, isn’t it?




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