Mono/Monotonik – preserved at Netlabel Archive.

netlabelarchiveJust a quick postscript to the recent post about uploading my idm netlabel Mono/Monotonik’s old music tracks to YouTube & to Soundcloud for easier streaming access.

I mentioned in that post that Zach Bridier was preparing to upload a _complete_ Mono archive, with all the .MODs from the early releases also converted to .MP3. And indeed, he’s done just that via the launch of the Netlabel Archive. You can find the Monotonik entry here, and it includes a lot of obscurities, re-encodes of the No ‘Mo releases, and more.

I’m now concentrating adding those late ’90s .MOD/.XM releases (very gradually!) to the YouTube/Soundcloud channels – so if you want to check out peppy drum & bass Robert Miles remixes from Dreamfish/Hoffman and weird sweary remixes by me from 20 years ago (ulp!), you know where to go – and who to blame. (The files are hosted at the Internet Archive, so they ain’t going anywhere!)

Thanks SO much to Zach for preserving this all so well – he’s also going after some other badly preserved/unconverted to MP3 netlabels like the superdupergood Voodoo (quite a lot of crossover with Monotonik artists here!), the Goto80-affiliated Candy Mind Records, and more besides. Yay for netlabels!

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