‘Video Game Deep Cuts’ – weekly newsletter goodness!

Just because I never actually blogged about it here, wanted to alert y’all to Video Game Deep Cuts, the weekly newsletter I started up a few months ago.

As described in the overview, it’s “the best longread & standout articles about video games, every weekend”, and it started because, as I noted in the inaugural newsletter, “Inspired by REDEF in particular, & other recommendation newsletters like Level Up Report in general, I’ve found there’s a lot of value in compiling good/interesting content in one focused place.”

Surprisingly, nobody was doing this for video games – possibly because you need to check out a LOT of articles/videos about games to accomplish this weekly, but hey, I do that already! So here we are.

It’s now in its 38th week (!), going out to 500+ subscribers with almost a 60% open rate, and there’s an archive available on Tinyletter. It’s also crossposted onto Gamasutra, for those intrigued about sampling it there instead. So, uh, go subscribe today if you’re interested!

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