Neat things that I’m currently working on!

Just so every darn post on this blog isn’t a Game Storybundle announce (there’s another one coming up in a few weeks, haha!), here’s a few things that I’m up to and excited about, recently:

– Yep, Game Developers Conference is booting up for another cycle, and it’s taking place from March 19-23, 2018. In addition to overseeing the folks who run the event, I’m helping out with the Indie Summit, Advocacy track, and the second year of the Board Game Design Day I help to organize with Soren Johnson. Plus there’s the return of GDC Retro Play, the IGF, and one or two (cool!) new things we’ll reveal in due course!

– The whole No More Robots thing (an indie publisher I’m helping back & advising) is still going great. Our first product we’re publishing, procedural mountain bike game Descenders, has a limited public Beta coming up on October 27th. Plus, we have two other games signed that we’re excited to talk about soon. The work, naturally, is 99% Mike Rose’s, but happy to be along for the ride.

– My Video Game Deep Cuts weekly newsletter is now north of 750 subscribers (and still over a 50% open rate!), It’s definitely been fun to grab all those longform game writing links I see online and scrunch ’em into a newsletter shaped ball. The most recent one even has musings on a particularly fun Ready Player One-related podcast, if you like!

– Am still jamming on helping maintain gigantoid video game database MobyGames too, and you’ll see all the latest news updates in the News section of the forum. We’re still working on a new version of the site – and it’s still quite a long way away. But our work on making it easier to grab new releases means the site is way more up to date that it used to be.

– Oh, something I’m excited about would be ‘Digging for treasure in Aladdin’s source code’, the first article from the Video Game History Foundation’s Writing Fund. I’m on the board of the VGHF & helped with the initial investment in the Writing Fund – yes, we’re paying writers to do primary-source game history writing! And there’s lots more to come, all wrangled by the wonderful Frank Cifaldi…

As well as all this, there’s lots of things going on with my other work projects – including Black Hat, which has its Europe edition in London this December, as well as a number of other neat things I will probably blather about on my Twitter feed at some point. And that’s the news! Don’t be a stranger…

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