New things from me – early 2018 edition!

Since it’s definitely 2018 already (for quite a long time!), and I haven’t actually managed to update this website since 2017, thought it might be good to ACTUALLY DO SO with some notes on what I’ve been up to:

Game Developers Conference 2018 totally happened, a couple of weeks ago! We had 28,000 attendees – an all-time high – and there’s lot of pictures of them on GDC’s Flickr account. (IGF ceremony above!)

We also made hundreds of videos & slide decks free on GDC Vault, if you want to check out top talks from the show. It was the first GDC without Meggan Scavio (aw), who now runs the AIAS, but the first with my former colleague Katie Stern (whee!) here as GM, and am excited to see how we build on the experience, with her at the helm.

– My other main day job concern is Black Hat, of course, and we’re just wrapping up our call for talk submissions for the main Black Hat USA event, which happens ahead of Defcon in Las Vegas this August.

Looks like it’s going to be another great show, and we added a Community track this year (“issues impacting the InfoSec community… [including] careers, legal issues, diversity, inclusion, attribution, substance abuse, mental health, burn out, security awareness, and work-life balance.”) So, still plenty of great technical research, but this stuff is pretty important too..

– But there’s more! Have been having lots of fun advising Mike Rose & the happy crew at No More Robots, the indie publisher – here’s my initial post about this from last year.

Since then, we launched Descenders in Steam Early Access to significant acclaim (& Very Positive ratings), there’s an Xbox One Game Preview version currently in development, and porting to Switch & PS4 will occur when the game is closer to exiting Early Access/Game Preview.

And our second game just got announced, Not Tonight, a post-Brexit pub/club bouncer sim with a bit of a twist – see above. (And there’s two more signed titles already, yum.) Fun times…

– Otherwise, a lot of the other balls are in the air as per usual – Game Storybundle, which will see a new video game-themed eBook bundle next week, including multiple books we commissioned just for the bundle. And work on MobyGames and Prisoners Literature Project continues, of course.

Oh, and finishing up, my Video Game Deep Cuts newsletter just busted through 1,000 subscribers relatively recently, yay. That’s been a lot of fun to curate weekly. So that’s just a few of the projects I’m working on – still having fun out here. Or so my brain tells me…

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