Game Discoverability Weekly – newsletter #2!

Newsletter #2 is here!

A few weeks ago, I launched my second regular video game-related newsletter, following the success of Video Game Deep Cuts. This one is hosted on Substack and called Game Discoverability Weekly. Here’s the skinny:

“Welcome to Game Discoverability Weekly by me, Simon Carless. I’m a long-time video game industry watcher and participant, and a former developer, IGF chairperson & GDC Indie Games Summit founder/co-runner.

This regular free newsletter – which will eventually be published in eBook/book form – will be covering a whole bunch of individual aspects of the biggest problem in video games right now – how people discover and buy your game.”

The newsletter already has about a third of the subscribers of Video Game Deep Cuts, which has been running for over 3 years, so I’m happy about that! Some of the more notable pieces so far in it include ‘Steam’s ‘Follower’ counts – hidden in plain sight.‘, ‘Discoverability – A ‘Hot or Not?’ Genre Guide‘, and ‘Why you may be underpricing your video game‘. Sign up if you want to check it out!

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