Things that happened in 2019!

Xmas pain in Xmas town – it’s the best.

Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t get updated much any more – largely due to the amount of things happen involving me elsewhere on the Internet. (I still have a somewhat active Twitter account, btw, & it’s not shouty, if you want daily updates.)

But I wanted to draw attention to some of the things that happened in 2019 that I was involved with:

  • Both of my main newsletters – the 2,000-subscriber Video Game Deep Cuts (top longform game stories/videos of the week!) & the already 1,100-subscriber Game Discoverability Now! (data & insights on how to get your video game noticed) are getting near-50% open rates and good feedback. [Niche newsletters are the way out of the mess of yelling on the rest of the Internet & everyone should make one!]

  • My regular day job responsibilities at Informa seemed to tick on just fine, with both Black Hat & GDC having record attendance in 2019, woo. (I’m proud of the reach of the GDC YouTube channel, too, with nearly 300k subscribers & 32 million videos viewed – it’s a great free source of game dev education.) I was also primarily involved in the company I work for acquiring a really good Canadian information security event, SecTor – excited to keep working with the founders in 2020 & beyond.

  • My other major spare-time project, Prisoners Literature Project, which I run online operations/fundraising & financials for (as well as do some hands-on co-ordinating sending books to prisoners!) continues to go from strength to strength. It’s amusingly decentralized, but that’s most of the point of progressive organizations like it – and it’s ended up sending more than 12,000 packages and 35,000 free books to U.S. prisoners in 2019!

  • Lots of other things happened, of course, but I’m also thankful for my wife & son for giving me a stable and happy family life, my co-workers & business partners for being considered and passionate about what they do, & a whole host of other people who let me express myself personally and in ‘unique’ ways.

Other goals for 2020? More of the same, I reckon. I really like the mix of passions I have in my life right now, so no reason not to keep working on them further. Thanks for supporting me through them!

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