About Simon


I’m Simon Carless – pleased to meet you. I’m an biz/community exec & event organizer & investor in the video game, infosec, and other tech spaces [LinkedIn] . I’m passionate about art, games, people, and bringing amazing creative endeavors to light via ‘curation’ – which can mean a whole bunch of things. I originally hail from South London, England, but am nowadays living/working in the Bay Area, CA with my wife, our son, and a very barky dog.

main gig?

I’m currently on sabbatical from major B2B events company Informa, where I oversee & lead strategy for the folks running the Game Developers Conference shows worldwide, plus the major Black Hat set of information security events and other properties including Gamasutra & more.

I run and am in the process of expanding the newsletters Video Game Deep Cuts (20+ of the best longform articles and videos about video games weekly) and Game Discoverability Weekly (how you get your game noticed!), & have spoken on video games & digital distribution at venues including Game Developers Conference in San Francisco & Ars Electronica in Austria.

I’m also an investor and advisor in Mike Rose’s indie game publisher No More Robots (Hypnospace Outlaw, Descenders, Not Tonight). Elsewhere, I help organize and fundraise for the Prisoners Literature Project, a charity that sends books to needy U.S. prisoners.

what i did before?

From the mid-’90s to 2003, I spent most of my time as a full-time video game designer in the UK and Silicon Valley on titles like Looney Tunes Racing (PlayStation) & Terracide (PC). After transitioning out of game development in the early 2000s, I was an editor at techgeek site Slashdot, & worked with the Internet Archive on software & game archiving.

I’ve also been an editor, editor-in-chief and publisher at both Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra, have contributed to Wired magazine, and wrote/edited a book, Gaming Hacks, for O’Reilly.

I’m also Chairman Emeritus of the Independent Games Festival, which holds its awards at GDC yearly, & co-founder of the Independent Games Summit.

[There’s a lot more detail on most of these things & more on my ‘You Might Know Me From…’ page, where I go chronologically in depth through some of this madness. Oh, and image source for the above pic – thanks, IAm8Bit!]