Jean Jackson’s amazing Mystery Science Theater painting mashups…


[Pictured – Jean Jackson’s ‘The Hoot Players’, after Maxfield Parrish‘s ‘The Lute Players‘, one of the two three pictures I now own from this amazing ‘outsider art’ collection – the others are ‘Crow Wood’ and ‘Servo Throwing Dome At Crow’.]

After talented artist and fan Jean Jackson sadly passed away in January 2013, her family auctioned off for charity her wonderful set of original paintings that added characters from cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 to famous pictures through history.

Since the original MST3K pictures have now mainly been split up among multiple (grateful!) buyers, including me, and there are no hi-res versions of the originals anywhere online besides the Wayback Machine, I thought I’d host [on Flickr] the photographs of the paintings used in auction for posterity.

Some of my favorites include ‘Sunday In The Park With Frank’, recasting Seurat’s pointillist masterpiece with bonus evil sidekick, and ‘Degalala’, where-in Degas’ ballerina portrait ‘The Star’ gets a bit, uhh, Tom Servo-ed. And this mash-up of N.C. Wyeth’s ‘The Giant’ and the MST3K-riffed ‘Amazing Colossal Man’ movie, ‘The Amazing Colossal Crow’, is especially haunting.

There are a few missing paintings that were not offered in the auction and can be seen pictured in low-res on Jean’s Flickr page –  – these include ‘Cezanntillite of Love‘, ‘Two Loose‘, ‘Paleobotic‘, ‘Starry Nanites‘, her best-known work ‘Nightmads‘ (spoofing Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks‘), ‘Crowcasso‘ and ‘Botko‘.

Various images of the paintings (including a few more pics not available anywhere else!) are also available on the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, which archived multiple versions of Jean’s pages from the mid-2000s, when she sold art prints of them.

[NOTE: I don’t claim ownership or any control over these photos. I just wanted to make sure they were saved and accessible – and I think they are some of the most remarkable ‘pop art’ creations I’ve seen. The witty restyling of some of the titans of vintage and modern American and European art with bonus ‘bots makes me grin every time.]

Presenting ‘Monotonik Vol.1: The Early (MP3) Years’

mtkearlyyearsAs you may know from reading my blog previously, I used to run a ‘net.label’ – in fact, one of the first and more formative Internet music labels – called Monotonik (aka Mono/Mono211 – here’s the entry) from 1996 to 2009.

In 1999, when we started putting out .MP3 releases of melodic, mellow electronica up online for free, bandwidth was still relatively limited. The idea of downloading (let alone streaming!) entire albums was a little mind-boggling.

But nearly 15 years later, however, there’s plenty of room on the Internet for full streaming & downloadable albums. So I’m starting a series of album re-issues, compiling the best of Monotonik in sequential order with fixed ID3 tags and easy listenability (and a Creative Commons license.)

The first of these is called, somewhat sensibly, ‘Monotonik Vol.1: The Early Years‘, and it’s available now on the Internet Archive for streaming and downloading. (If you dig it, the entire .MP3 catalog of the label is also up for free stream and download.)

Past the cut, there’s an embedded stream of the entire album (press play and hear the whole thing), and below that, there’s the description of the release: Continue reading

You, Me & DVT – How To Fly Longhaul, Safer

Those who know me personally (or are acquainted with me via social media :P) may have worked out that I’ve been traveling quite a lot recently, thanks to my work helping to oversee the Game Developers Conference and Black Hat events – both of which have multiple non-U.S. stop-offs.

Yep, multiple long transcontinental flights can be boring at times – if enlivened marginally by lots of Kindle reading (yum, Angry Robot Books) and a little bit of Jetpack Joyride for iPad. And I’m sure lots of you – including myself – have lazed your way through long flights with nary a care in the world. And I’m certainly not looking to spoil your fun.

But since I managed to pick up a blood clot in my leg (aka ‘deep vein thrombosis’, or DVT) on my last long-haul flight (Frankfurt to SFO on May 6th), I’ve been reading a great deal about this relatively unsung danger – sometimes known somewhat incorrectly as ‘economy class syndrome’.

What happens? As a DragonAir page on DVT explains: “The deep veins of the lower legs are situated in the muscles of the calf. Compression of the veins by muscular contraction.. [aid] the return of blood to the heart. If the muscle pump is not working (due to immobilization), the blood flow in the veins may decrease [and] may sometimes [cause clots that] link up to produce a large obstructive thrombus. Immobility in a seated position is an obvious predisposition to DVT as the veins of the legs can get compressed and cause stasis.”

So I figured a friendly blog post to explain what happened, and to alert people why to be careful – but also why not to be too concerned/freaked out – was in order. So here goes:

Continue reading

Two Thousand And Twelve Is Here

The first post of 2012, and wow, it really has been a while since the last update – mainly because I’ve been titanically busy, as per usual. Overall, 2011 was a major transition year for me  (and a bittersweet one). But I feel like I’m where I should be for 2012 in a multitude of ways.

Some notes on what’s up:

– Obviously, I’ve been spending a lot of cycles with my colleagues on making sure Game Developers Conference 2012 is going well – and boy, it is. We have a new GDC Play area for up and coming developers, I’m super happy with how the Independent Games Summit turned out, we have that Indie Game: The Movie screening, and we have an amazing session line-up to boot. Very happy.

– Still working on a bunch of other work projects, of course, with Indie Royale still differentiating itself well from a lot of the other ‘me-too’ bundles (there’s two IGF nominees and two world-exclusive PC debuts in the upcoming Valentine’s Bundle, for example), and Gamasutra still dominating the online B2B game site conversation in a multitide of ways. _And_ there’s a Game Developer magazine site redesign and iOS app up, too.

– Had great fun over the holidays on a big road trip from New Orleans to San Diego (woo – the Marfa Prada pictured!) And outside of work, have been playing a lot more board games – which are awesome fun _and_ rather social to boot. And if you want to catch up with what I’m up to, my Twitter feed is definitely the best way to find out on a daily basis.

– And just recently, I’ve started helping out on another of my company UBM’s projects, and a kinda neat one to date. I’m helping to oversee the Black Hat events, which are the computer security industry’s top technical get-togethers. (In some ways, they’re quite similar to GDC in the way they harness the power of the community in content-heavy, impassioned ways.)

Anyhow, back to watching UFC and drinking some rather fine Tsingtao beer procured from Grocery Outlet. (Yes, that’s how I roll, this year. In a quixotic fashion…)