East Bay Game Dev Meetup

Ah, those wonderful Oakland nights…

Myself and Brandon Sheffield have been running a East Bay (Oakland, CA & surrounding area!) game development meetup for a few years now, but the invite page is on Facebook, which not everyone else uses nowadays.

So here’s an official webpage for the meetup, which has two uses:

Firstly, it will list the next official meetup date, which as of today, is Thursday, June 27th at 7pm at the regular location, First Edition (1915 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612)

Secondly, we’ve set up a mailing list that we’ll ping every time we set the next meetup timing! Please sign up below:

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Finally, as for what this meetup is and isn’t (and the bar requires proof of vaccination, btw):

IT IS: a chance to have an informal chat and an (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) drink with other game devs of all types and vintages, whether you’re indies, full-time at game studios, full-time in the tech biz with a game side-project, or a bunch of other possibilities besides.

IT IS: an opportunity to sometimes informally demo a video game or board game, albeit in an environment which may not be perfectly suited to it.

IT ISN’T: a formal ‘presentation’-style meetup, sorry – this is more of a ‘hang out’ type thing, just so everyone understands.

IT ISN’T: available to attend for anyone under 21 years old, due to the fact it takes place in a bar.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me.